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I've been riding for 12 years, training for 8, instructing for 7. I've almost always had 'my own' horse, though Sage is the first one I've ever owned myself. The others were all either leases or training jobs. Sage has been a completely new experience for me, forcing me to learn just as much as I have to teach. I love her to pieces <3 Besides riding, I also ski semi-competitively, write, model, and love photography. I also used to act and teach clinics on outdoor survival. Right now I'm working as a Carpenter's Assistant doing finishing carpentry, but am not sure if I would like to apprentice and get my ticket in that, or make horses my full-time career, rather than just my passion.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New bits, a new blanket, and the flu =o

So, these past couple weeks have been spent trying to find a bit system that my pony-girl likes. We tried out a D-ring snaffle (our first bit), a jointed kimberwicke, 2 different bitless bridles, a waterford, and a "training bridle" I invented myself that had the bitless bridle system using pressure on the noseband, with the additive of a bit. (She LOVES facial pressure, but needs mouth pressure. It actually worked really well.) But, the two new bits that have been added to my tack roster are a full-cheek waterford, and a jointed uxeter kimberwicke.

Sage LOVES<3 the full-cheek waterford. It has the facial pressure she craves, and enough movable pieces to keep her from getting bored. Our first ride in it had her reaching her head down to it before I even had contact. I was able to keep my hands soft and she was responsive, and even more relaxed than I'd ever seen her, with or without a bit!

She doesn't like the kimberwicke as much, as I attached the reins to the bottom slot and use it as a leverage bit. She seems to resent it, but respect it at least though, and it served as a fantastic training tool! (Even used only once!)

The waterford will be our main bit, and when she gets bored or needs something stronger for the day we'll use the kimberwicke to change it up. I noticed with the bitless that she enjoys change to keep from getting bored (She was good in the bitless for two days, then was awful, then we changed bits and she was good, then got used to it and wasn't anymore, etc.) So we'll see how she goes, or rather, how long she goes, in the waterford ^^ <3

I'm also now keeping her bits a hole lower than they would normally be fitted in her mouth, which also seems to be a huge help. Apparently Quarter Horses quite often work well with lower bits because the bars in their mouths are narrower, and the Paint Horse in Sage seems to have passed this on to her.

This weekend I'm hoping to send in a registry for her to the Pinto Horse Association. =D

And hopefully I'm also getting pictures of us riding soon. I'm getting a new trainer soon too, and I'm thinking that any future jumping will be saved until we're with a trainer, strictly so that my position can start improving again right from the start. It's gotten sooo bad! XD I can actually feel how much my two-point has detiorated since I used to jump. Lol.

Ooh! And I got her a winter blanket finally! It's black and waterproof with magenta and grey trim. By Gladiator. She looks so amazing in it, and is warm! Yaaay!

Big week I suppose ^^ I've had the flu, or a cold, or maybe even food poisoning... Essentially, some kind of minor illness for the past two days, and I wasn't allowed to ride yesterday. My friend did my stall for me, and I went down later to fill up her water, throw her some hay, and pick out her feet really quick. Today I am feeling better enough to ride though. Woot! Hopefully I can start riding her everyday as of TODAY. Instead of every second day like we seem to be sticking to (First I couldn't get out to see her, but she's moved now so that's no longer an issue, then she was lame for weeks, now I've got the flu. Gah!). Oh well. Even every second day has been a huge improvment =] She even galloped to see me from across the field the other day, it made my day, it was so sweet =]


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